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What happens in life is neither early nor late. As it should be, with the best timing, life flows in the direction it should serve. As we realize that we cannot control it, the flow of life relaxes.

As it flows, it always reminds us of us. Do we only strive to achieve what we see fit, or do we go after what we dream? What was that life we ​​dreamed for ourselves? Is our creativity trapped inside our minds? Have we even stopped dreaming now?

If we can hear the sound of it flowing, we can feel the water, maybe as freely as a fish, what we really are. Maybe we can reveal our own originality without compression. We can create more comfortable and enjoyable lives without surrendering to rules, details and judgments. We can see the gift of what is happening at that moment, without necessarily sticking to the fact that this path is right. We do not say that what we can do is not good enough, we enjoy the perfection of our best. Maybe we can bring dreams into reality by blending the creativity of 'Pisces' with the skill of 'Virgo'. What we need to make dreams come true is to water the soil with our imagination.

This is the last full moon before the start of the astrological new year. For this cycle, it means an opportunity to let go of whatever is holding us back from our wishes. It is time to let go of all the complacency of the winter before spring and bid farewell to the situations that are pressing us because of necessity, and step on the ground to welcome the flowers.

The world becomes our biggest playground as we allow ourselves to get lost in the limitlessness of our imagination. Just like in our childhood.

Just as we can expand our freedom by carrying it from our heads to our hearts, it is up to us to bring healing to our souls and bodies and transform our lives. As long as we can hear the sound of that running water and continue our game.

#fullmoon #virgo

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